Sample Structures
Tested with Java 1.5 and 1.6 under Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.

Please ensure that Java is correctly installed on your workstation before downloading jViz.Rna. Should you have any problems downloading or running jViz.Rna, please contact us.

jViz.Rna is freely available for non-commercial use under the GPL. If you use jViz.Rna or images created from jViz.Rna in your work or publications, you must cite the following article and it would be appreciated if you would let us know:

Kay C. Wiese, Edward Glen, and Anna Vasudevan (2005), "jViz.Rna - A Java Tool for RNA Secondary Structure Visualization", IEEE Transactions on NanoBioscience, Vol. 4(3), Sept. 2005, pp. 212-218.

Version 3.0. Awaiting Review for BMC Bioinformatics