Dual Graphs

Rna As Graphs - A database of hand drawn dual graphs from the creators of the technique.

Hin Hark Gan, Daniela Fera, Julie Zorn, Nahum Shiffeldrim, Michael Tang, Uri Laserson, Namhee Kim, and Tamar Schlick.  RAG: RNA-As-Graphs Database - Concepts, Analysis, and Features, Bioinformatics 2004, 20(8):1285-91 

Software Libraries

Touchgraph - The force directed layout model that forms the basis of the jViz.Rna classical structure visualization.

Java Simple Argument Parser - Used in parsing the arguments for commandline usage of jViz.Rna.

Java EPS Graphics2D - Provides the capability to export jViz.Rna visualizations to EPS files.

JOpenChart - Draws the graphs summarizing the comparison statistics.

Other Software Contributions

M. Koivisto and T. Saarni - Longest Common Subsequence algorithm used in the jViz.Rna Structure Manager.

S. Kumar - Forms the basis of the JTree with CheckBoxes used for selecting which structure(s) to display